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Tom & John Pharmacy

Your webmaster recently received an email from Dorinne Moss Lykins PHS'56 who attended Phillips schools in 1st and 2nd grades. Dorinne had idly searched for 'Tom & John Pharmacy' and was surprised & delighted to find our website and emailed to let us know. She also shared a number of photos of her family and Old Phillips. Thank you, Dorinne!

Dorinne wrote: First off let me tell you how very much I have enjoyed your web site – I just accidentally happened upon it – had tried to look up Tom & John Pharmacy (not really expecting to find anything) and from there I found your site – The last time I went to Borger (1995 I think) to see kin I wanted to drive to Phillips and they took me but told me it was all gone – that was the first I knew of it – so sad – I have lots of memories – I can remember on Friday football nights my dad would close the drug store early and we would all walk to the stadium. 
My name is Dorinne Moss Lykins and I was born at the Pantex Hospital on 13 January 1938 – Dr. Brooks – my birth certificate from the hospital says I was born in Whittenberg TX and the one I rec’d from Austin says Phillips !  Anyway, my parents owned the Tom & John Pharmacy across the street from Goodwin’s grocery – Tom Moss was my uncle and John Moss my father – I attended Frank Phillips Elementary School – Mrs. Pickens 1st grade and Miss Martindale 2nd – In February of my 2d grade year we moved to Roswell NM (and I have absolutely no idea why and by the time I realized I’d kinda’ like to know the reason there was no one left to ask)  My best friend was Deanna Lou Hatley and her younger sister Janet Kay. 
When my mother & dad married there were no houses to be had as all were company houses so they had living quarters in the back of the drug store – I lived there the first year of my life and then they bought a little house – it sat on a huge open area with only one other little house on the far corner – was only 1 1/2 block from the drug store and the Baptist church was right across the street.
The store was the Tom & John Pharmacy and was probably started in 1935 or 1936  - then we moved to Roswell New Mexico in January or February of 1946 – my folks married in May of ‘36 and I was born in January of ‘38 – then my brother Bill born in ‘44 also at Pantex hospital and dear old Dr. Brooks – he was such a nice man.  My father, John Layton Moss, was born 20 November 1908, in Dyer Arkansas  and died 12 April 1970 in Monahans TX – Daddy was the pharmacist – Uncle Tom just a partner – he was born 27 November 1902 – later left the store and went to work for Phillips 66 – then transferred to Phillips in Kansas City MO – and was there until he died (not sure of that date) His wife Lucile and their only son Thomas Charles Moss born 05 August 1940 there at Pantex and now lives in California.
The Scott’s were a family – think the mother’s name was Norma and she had a son and daughter – he’s the sailor in the picture with me – and yes Goodwin’s grocery was Red&White and Mr. Goodwin was the best ! Back then cranberries were loose and you scooped them into a bag – but  I just loved them and would reach up and get some and eat them raw – he always thought it was funny – a little kid liking sour cranberries – Rountree was also a family that lived there – think they had a daughter named Carolyn – the only thing I remember about the beauty shop is mother getting a permanent and sitting under that machine with all the wires attached to her head – I have naturally curly hair so I never had to go through that and I don’t remember the café at all – For awhile my folks would let me go across the street to watch the movies – usually a Western – until the day I came back to the drug store chewing gum – Mother knew I didn’t have any when I left and they finally decided it must have been on the seat and as I watched the horses gallop across the screen I must have pulled it off and put in my mouth – Needless to say they washed my mouth out with everything in the drug store!
My brother and I were both born at the Pantex when it was located just close to our house – Later in 1944 or 45 Dr Brooks took my tonsils out but the hospital had moved to the other end of town – I was a little princess in the drug store – all the guys flirted with me and I flirted right back – one young man – E.P. Reedus (not sure of the spelling) anyway was in the army and wrote me “love” letters all the time – My folks taught me to make change before I started school and I would sit on a stool at the front register and sell gum and candy – I can remember when there would be an explosion at the refinery lots of people would gather in that vacant space by our drug store and wait for news – a coupla’ times we had to evacuate the town and go into Borger -
Church – at one time the Methodist church was nearby as I have a certificate of something from them – but then it moved (we didn’t have a car) and the Baptist was right across the street so I attended Sunday School and Bible School there – actually we were Presbyterians (and still am) but the closest church was in Borger.
MERCY – I just got a shock – clicked on pictures and then 1940s and guess what – the picture of the 1944 1st grade dress up party – that’s me in the front row holding the doll !  Mary Ann Campbell is next to me and behind her is Nancy White and then Deanna Lou  Hatley – I’ve got that same picture somewhere. Small world!


Photo of Dorinne Moss by Tom & John Pharmacy with Goodwin's Red & White Grocery across the street




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