PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks

Phillips High School
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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Phillips Blackhawks Home Page

Welcome to our PHS alumni website!


Homecoming 2014: July 11-12

  Teachers & Others

A partial list of who worked/taught/lived when --
We need YOUR help to fill in the blanks!

A brief history of Phillips Petroleum Company 

Hutchinson County Info

Places still on most maps
Places, mostly company camps, now gone
Hutchinson County Map, Recent
Hutchinson County Map c. 1930

Hutchinson County Postal Map 1907
Photos of Other Places: Hutchinson County


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Our PHS website is designed for sharing --
   sharing Phillips alumni news & reunion information
      sharing Phillips memories & stories
         sharing Phillips pictures
            sharing email with our PHS classmates
               ...and more...

   Special Feature:  Phillips memories & photos below
-- changes quarterly [more or less]

Spring in the Panhandle


Texas windmills -- the kind we remember pumping water for cattle alongside an electricity-generating windfarm.



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