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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Welcome to our PHS alumni website!


Homecoming 2015: July 10-11

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Home Ec

Two years of Home Economics was required for all girls (boys were required to take 2 years of shop) and consisted of alternating semesters of sewing and cooking instruction. As with all required courses, memories vary:
  • Who could forget Ms. Dynes in Home Ec.? She'd always make us use stuff in the frig that had a coating of cooties and I'm sure it could have cured some terrible disease. Mrs. Thompson in sewing class was my favorite - she always said my hems were "as crooked as a dog's hind leg". She also had the greatest ability at threading a needle. She hit the eye every time on the first try.
  • How many remember Home Ec with Miss Dynes and Mrs. Thompson? I never have made that orange juice with the raw egg beaten up in it! I have learned a few sewing short-cuts!
  • Remembrances from some recent emails:
    Decorating our house one Christmas, doing small flower arrangements, and being told (when I knew better) that we had to baste seams because the sewing machines couldn't sew over pins.
    Those two piece suits we made and jelly roll or could be chocolate, whipping cream drenched with chocolate sauce!  I made the latter for years when I entertained for bridge. 
    I don't remember cooking anything that I would ever make again and my memories of sewing consist of taking a zipper out of a skirt multiple times. It's a wonder I ever found a husband!!
    I am grateful to have had a teacher who insisted I learn so many sewing techniques that have helped me have
    wonderful success on many projects. I loved sewing even in high school.  I even got some of my spending
    money when people liked some of the things I had made for myself and wanted something similar.  They would go pick their fabric and then paid me to sew it for them.  When I got married I made my wedding dress and later when our daughter got married I made her wedding dress also.







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