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PHS mascot: Phillips Blackhawks


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Reunion 2017: July 14-15!

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Twilight, a short story by Wayne Hickman PHS '60

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"If you want to succeed, if you want to compete, you must do everything required of you,
 and then just a little more."
J. Irving Kimmins

I heard this, just like many other Phillips kids, in high school assemblies for years. He was adamant that being average was wasteful, a cop-out. If we wanted to be more than just average we had to bust our tails; we were obliged to go beyond the limits. At first, this sounds like something we would hear from our parents. "Work hard, strive for success, do more than you have to do," and most of us did hear that at home in Phillips. Whose parent would say to a kid, "Strive to be average?" We got the encouragement from our parents, from our friends parents, from adults we didn't even know and, most importantly, from our teachers and guys like JIK.

They were pragmatic. They knew what it took. Most were born and lived through the Depression. They understood deprivation. My mother told me about putting cardboard in her shoes in college to fill the holes worn by walking to school each day. There was no question in our parents minds that their kids would do better than they did. We were the beneficiaries of that culture. The work ethic of Phillips kids is still the high-level standard for many companies. Nobody works as hard at their jobs as we do. If the boss says, "Be here at 7:00," we show up at 6:00. Better to be an hour early than 10 minutes late. Most commercial enterprises loved to get Phillips kids because we worked hard and did not complain. We just lowered our heads and pushed forward.

Phillips graduates had the highest enrollment rate and graduation rate from college per capita in Texas for many years. We had more degreed graduates than any high school in the state for years. Why? Simple. We were bred for success.

Think about it. Every song was rehearsed over and over until presented at the concert. Every step of every march of the band was done again and again until it was perfect. Every play on the football field was run until every player was sick of it. Every cheer was gone over by the cheerleaders over, and over, and over. We worked our tails off, and all that hard work, persistence, determination and appreciation for the work all the others did became, well, normal. Our children now reflect our own work ethic. My kids are over-achievers. My grandkids are, as well. Their peers ask them, "Why do you work so hard?" The answer is, "Because that's what my parents did; they always worked hard."

Average for us is never an option. We will always go beyond the call. You see, that's what Blackhawks do. Les Skinner '66




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